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Interested to learn more about our latest projects? See the reports below about how our team helped property owners that needed help with their driveway, backyard features and more.

Aliso Viejo Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling

Customer Issue: Mr. Norton’s swimming pool was outdated and deteriorating.
Our Solution: Once we inspected the pool and saw the chipped tiles accompanied by deteriorating side walls, we decided to remove all the tiles and start from scratch. So, we got bot the tiles as well as the old adhesive off the walls and then went on to scrub the area. We rinsed the area, and once it was completely dry, we started setting light blue-green mosaic tiles. At the top of the pool below the coping, we installed glass mosaic tiles in dark blue. Finally, we applied grout between the tiles and attached ladders, drain plates, etc.

Nathan Norton - Aliso Viejo
Backyard Patio Close To Galivan, CA

Backyard Patio

Customer Issue: This customer wanted to make sure his family got more quality outdoor time during summer.   
Our Solution: We started off by properly prepping the base, which included among other things, spreading the aggregate and sand and tamping the base down. Next, to best emphasize the natural shape of the stone, we randomly laid irregular flagstones and filled the gaps with small stones. Mr. Clark was more than satisfied with the design because it perfectly matched the sturdy wooden furniture he had in mind for his new patio.

Jonathan Clark - Galivan
Paver Repair Next To Laguna Niguel | S&P Home Work  Laguna Niguel

Paver Repair

Customer Issue: The customer complained about having loose pavers that made noise every time a vehicle ran over them.
Our Solution: Our team thoroughly inspected the entire driveway and noticed a couple of cracked pavers in addition to those loose ones. Our professionals re-sanded the driveway where necessary and replaced the damaged pavers with brand new ones.

George Williamson - Laguna Niguel
Pool Deck Installation Nearby Galivan | Pillars & Pavers Laguna Niguel

Pool Deck Installation

Customer Issue: The concrete pool deck was full of cracks and our customer wanted to replace it with a more durable solution.
Our Solution: Once the customer decided on a design, our technicians removed the existing deck, prepared the base and installed a paver pool deck. Our team then used a sealer to keep the surface non-slip and to protect it from staining.

Charles Johnson - Galivan
Retaining Wall Nearby San Juan Capistrano | S&P Home Work

Retaining Wall

Customer Issue: This customer wished to stop soil erosion from her planter area during heavy rainfall.
Our Solution: The retaining wall our team installed matched the style of our customer’s home perfectly and provided more depth to her yard. Our technicians also explained how to take care of the wall in order to keep it looking beautiful for a long time.

Denise Stone - San Juan Capistrano
Paver Edging Removal and Replacement  in Aliso Viejo | Pillars & Pavers Laguna Niguel

Paver Edging Removal and Replacement

Customer Issue: The edging pavers started to move and the driveway was looking untidy, with tiny gaps and cracks.
Our Solution: Upon removal of a few pavers our team realized that the entire edging was laid directly on the soil without a paver base, which required the removal of all pavers, clearing all tree roots and laying a paver base before installing the pavers anew, to ensure sturdy setting for the edging.

Justin Briggs - Aliso Viejo
Driveway Paver Edging | Laguna Niguel

Driveway Paver Edging

Customer Issue: The concrete driveway looked too harsh with no decorative embellishment.
Our Solution: Our team recommended to add decorative pavers to the edge of the driveway, thus creating a transition between the lawn and the driveway and enhancing its look. After digging a trench along the driveway edges, adding a gravel base and sand, small cobblestone pavers were installed, following regular steps.

Aaron Burris - Laguna Niguel
Retaining Wall | Lake Forest

Retaining Wall

Customer Issue: The edge of the property was on the slop of a hill and extra support was needed to prevent erosion and loss of soil.
Our Solution: With the retaining wall being aimed towards the far end of the backyard, the customer chose to have it built from basic hardy concrete pavers that won’t decay or attract pests over time. Our team promptly constructed the wall as specified, and ensures that its structural integrity was excellent.

Adam Byers - Lake Forest
Outdoor Kitchen Installation | Laguna Beach

Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Customer Issue: The existing BBQ Island was too plain and the family wanted to complement it with a full outdoor kitchen.
Our Solution: Based on the location the customer indicated for the kitchen, our team recommended a prefabricated unit that was quick to install and included all the equipment in the size needed. It was installed on the existing patio and connected to gas, electricity and water supplies so the family could start using it that very day.

Douglas Bush - Laguna Beach
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Highly Experienced

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Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Competitive Pricing

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